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Revolutionary smart intervals and automatic speed-group adjustment.


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Send pre-programmed intervals to phones, tablets and smart watches
with just one click!

Applewatch pool

Now on Apple watch!

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How Strive compares with others:

If you're not convinced yet, take it from the experts.

  • This is a great system. Exactly what I have been looking for.
    — Michael Norment, Head Coach, Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club (MAAC), 2x USA National Team Swimmer, 8x NCAA Div. I All American Swimmer
  • As a technologically challenged coach, I can attest that Strive is user-friendly. It’s succinct, analytical, thorough and thoughtfully conceived. A friend to swimmers, triathletes and coaches!
    — Mark Bernardino, Assoc. Head Coach, University of South Carolina, 15th NCAA Div. I Championships 2017
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to present to our body. Your program is incredible and it is clear you have understood the problems and spent time creating the perfect solutions.
    — Greg Guldin, President, VISAA Virginia HS Swimming Coaches Association
  • Epic...What you have created is absolutely incredible, and I am excited to be a part of it...I think it will turn some heads.
    — Scott Thacker, Head Coach Roanoke College Swimming & Diving
  • If I'm stuck in a writer's block...the software can suggest variations that inspire an idea, that's useful...it can automatically make three different versions of sets for lower levels, that's useful.
    — Dave Kelsheimer, Team USA 2016 Rio Olympics Coach / Head Coach Team Santa Monica
  • A tool that saves coaches an unrenewable resource: time.
    — Doug Fonder, President, International Swim Coaches Association

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